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Hydromoving Systems


Bus&Truck System


>60 HCell
<= 92 HCell

Modular system from 60 to 92 electrolytic cells able to equip ICE from 12 liters to 20 liters displacement

Technical Specifications:

  • Multi cells system from 60 to 92 electrolytic cells

  • Electronic control unit (CPU)

  • Electronic power board with safety sensors

  • Custom steel injectors from 6 – 8 - 12 cylinders

  • Programmable on board display (Authorized personal only)

  • Custom electronic injection unit

  • 50-100 liters (13 – 26 USGal) water tank plus oxyhydrogen filter
  • Remote data acquisition

fast and safe installation

About Hydromoving

Hydromoving Srl è l'unica al mondo ad avere una tecnologia brevettata, testata e certificata per la produzione di gas Ossidrogeno ( gas prodotto dall’acqua distillata) on board ed on demand con sistema elettronico di iniezione in camera di scoppio di qualsiasi tipo di motore a combustione interna (benzina/diesel etc ..) che riduce le emissioni inquinanti del 90% .

Tech info