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Patents - UK

Patents - UK

Technical report

The project HydroMoving is composed primarily of two complementary devices:

1. A device for the production of oxyhydrogen gas (HH-O) (HOH) from water by electrolytic method driven by an electronic circuit specifically designed and developed (Patent N ° 0001404965). The electrolytic cells used are assembled with an inedited type of electrodes made of alloy steel treated with nanoparticles of nickel and molybdenum (Mo - Ni)

2. Electronic fuel injection system of the oxyhydrogen gas through injectors designed specifically for this type of mixture (Patent N ° 0001405973).

The results obtained are highly innovative and effective. The oxyhydrogen produced is injected into each cylinder by optimizing and maximizing the combustion of all types of ICE engine obtaining benefits on the reduction of fuel consumption and reduction of exhaust pollutants.

HydroMoving exploits the coherence domain of water, powered by PWM calibrated with special frequency and pulses that exponentially stimulate the same piloted splitting of the element H2O. we believe it can probably be among the first holders of this technology in the world.

1. Electronic energy-saving device for the decomposition of H2O (0001404965) (0001404965)

2. Electronic injection ICE engines with H2O gas produced by the method of manufacturing the same, which uses the technology of the device N ° (Electronic energy-saving) (0001405973).

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06 november 2015



About Hydromoving

Hydromoving Srl è l'unica al mondo ad avere una tecnologia brevettata, testata e certificata per la produzione di gas Ossidrogeno ( gas prodotto dall’acqua distillata) on board ed on demand con sistema elettronico di iniezione in camera di scoppio di qualsiasi tipo di motore a combustione interna (benzina/diesel etc ..) che riduce le emissioni inquinanti del 90% .

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