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Lorenzo Errico created in 1981the first system of injection of water electronically controlled on a car, Saab 9000 Turbo Sport, increasing dramatically the engine power and fluidity. He began a nationwide distribution of a unit modified cars Saab Turbo increasing power from 185 hp to 250 hp, without any side effects to the car. From 1984 until the year 2001 a UPS factory crowned the his passion of electronic designer. The HydroMoving project, embryonic state from 2005 onwards, "mature" in 2007 after having deepened, tested and replicated everything that of electrolysis was experienced worldwide, following and memorizing all the patents of the great Stanley Meyer, and all Americans who had ventured into this beautiful branch of Chemistry / Physics. In 2009, he was asked by Marangoni SpA, through its representative Mr. Simone Neri (responsible for Car Tuning TRC ITALIA), which strongly believing in this innovation, to install a kit HH-O on a car Nissan 370 Z, supplied by MARANGONI SPA. The international success has been gained with a new system then called "HydroMoving", and made for Nissan Europe on a official car “Nissan 370 Z”, continuing with the realization in U.S.A. of another Nissan 370 Z, that has made a further success in the USA ..... It collapsed because of greed and stupidity of the American partner. Lorenzo looked to the future ... never satisfied with the results achieved, start with implementing a 3.0 liters turbo Diesel engine and a “Smart” city car with results even more striking in terms of emissions, until one day “Le Iene” (Italian TV Show) arrived to check and verify the results published on the website. Thanks to them if today the many people, someone good and someone sharks probably allow the leap in quality to the widespread use of the hydromoving system in order to have a cleaner and healthier environment for our children, grandchildren and the whole community. Who knows that one day soon far not we will be able to finally pull the plug on the damn oil. Despite the difficulties Lorenzo continues to work on his project in the new R & D laboratory of Roseto degli Abruzzi.

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06 november 2015



About Hydromoving

Hydromoving Srl è l'unica al mondo ad avere una tecnologia brevettata, testata e certificata per la produzione di gas Ossidrogeno ( gas prodotto dall’acqua distillata) on board ed on demand con sistema elettronico di iniezione in camera di scoppio di qualsiasi tipo di motore a combustione interna (benzina/diesel etc ..) che riduce le emissioni inquinanti del 90% .

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